Brazil: The Ministry of Agriculture defines quarantine procedures for the importation of plant products with risk of spreading pests in Brazil


Quarantine procedures are established for the importation of regulated products in Brazil, in the form of the Normative Instruction No. 28 and its Annex. Regulated articles are understood to be any plant, product plant and any other organism, object or plant capable of harboring or propagating pests that are considered subject to phytosanitary measures, included in this normativa.

The importation of the articles included in this Regulatory Instruction depends on the prior phytosanitary import permit granted by the Department of Plant Health and Agricultural Inputs of the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense of MAPA, and must also be subject to the quarantine procedure accredited by MAPA itself. , which, for its part, will provide an electronic system for granting sanitary import permits.

The interested parties will be responsible for the veracity of the information inserted in the system and the imported regulated article must be packaged, at a minimum, with double packaging, without prejudice to other requirements established in the specific legislation.

The aforementioned phytosanitary import permit does not exempt the interested party from complying with other legal requirements associated with the regulated articles.

The quarantine provided for in Art. 1 of these regulations can be applied to:

  1. Regulated articles for scientific research and experimentation;
  2. Imported plant propagation material for cultivation purposes and use value testing - VCU and adaptation testing;
  3. Imported plant propagation material for the production of seeds or seedlings for re-export;
  4. Quarantined regulated items provided through specific phytosanitary requirements; and
  5. Plant propagation material for own use.

IN 28/2020 repeals Regulatory Instruction 52, of December 1, 2016, on quarantine for products intended exclusively for scientific research and experimentation.

This Regulatory Instruction will come into force on 11/01/2020.

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Source: Official Gazette of the Union (DOU).