The ministry of agriculture of Brazil (MAP) has updated the list of vegetable products subject to control imports to avoid health risks


The ministério da Agriculture, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAP) amended the list of vegetable products subject to inspection by the federal drug control at the point of entry of imports.

Since 19 june 2020, as reflected in the news of import39/2020the integrated Foreign Trade (Siscomex),MAPremoves the requirement of your speech control about 70 products, following the risk analysis and plant health history of imports. Among these products, are mushrooms (agaricus), starch wheat, algae, bamboo furniture, lino agramado, and chairs. 28 other products were modified, allowing Only those that follow are separated for pest control, and to facilitate the import of those whose risk is lower.

This revision of the intervention in border is due to the risk management promoted by theDepartment of Vegetable Department and agricultural inputsof theSecretary of Defense Agropecuária, which promotes efficiency and reduction of bureaucracy in the import, one of the pillars of the agreement on trade facilitation of the world trade organization (WTO).

This provision allowing the reduction of costs on importers, as the goods will not stop at customs awaiting inspected. This will give priority to the inspection of vegetable products imported increased risk of generating pests or diseases in Brazil.

Source:Ministério da Agriculture, Pecuária e Abastecimento.