Russia. Outlawed the russian ban on importing pork origin throughout the eu


14.09.2016 - On 19 august 2016, the dispute settlement body of the world trade organization (WTO) had outlawed russian ban import living pigs, pork and other fresh products of pigs throughout the eu. The judgement refers to the ban imposed by russia, in early 2014, due to a limited number of african swine fever (PPP) in the areas of the eu close to the border with Belarus. The dispute settlement body recognized that the prohibition is equivalent to a russian veto on the import of these products, at community level. This measure is not based on relevant international standards and violates the rules of the agreement on sanitary and phytosanitary measures of the wto. The judgement it sends a strong signal to Russia and to all wto members, in terms of its obligation to respect international standards, in particular, in this case, the principle of regionalisation (which allows the export of animals and plants from the areas of a country recognized as free of pests and disease, even if the state of health in the rest of the country is not favourable) and the need to carry out a risk assessment based on scientific evidence.

However, for most products treaties in this case, exports to Russia remains limited owing to the ban of import agricultural food products originating in the eu, resulting from the contra-sanciones of the russian federation to individual countries, since august 2014.