Brazil open public consultation for lowering of tariffs on certain toys


The Executive Secretariat of the house of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) has launched the public consultation STRAT/SE-CAMEX no. 01/2020 concerning a reduction of tariffs in some toys, includingtricycles, carpets and pedal carsclassified as the NCM. 9503.

This consultation, aims to collect information to assess the desirability of reducing tariffs current 35% to 20 per cent, and has two main objectives:

  • Suggestions, comments and technical and economic analysis in connection with theclaim of Hasbro do Brasil indústria e comércio de Brinquedos LTDA. of 7 november 2017, at which american sister "required the immediate and urgent tariff reduction" toys.
  • Ensure that the federal government will be able to dispose of the largest number of facts, data and analysis to support the decision on the tariff changes, which is the responsibility of the executive committee of management of the house of Foreign Trade - Camex, under the terms of Art. 7, IVDecree 10.044, from 4 october 2019.

Hasbro, the company, which demands this action, it argues that the sector has had a juguetero excessive protection during the past 20 years, which enjoyed a safeguard to the next 10 years (1996-2006) and also increased the import tax to the maximum rate consolidated by Brazil in the wto (35 per cent) from 2010 until today. It adds that, accordingly, brazil is one of the most expensive to buy toys in the world, with little technological complexity, less and less variety diversity.

The public consultation is open to the general public and stakeholders to participate will be able to do so until 17 march 2020 in the following form: id _ aplicacao = 53210

Should be identified properly, and indicate its relationship with that request.