Algeria, tariffs will replace the prohibitions of import


The algerian government is preparing new tariffs to replace the moratorium on the importation of 877 products in effect since january 2018. The Complementary Finance act 2018 (19 july 2018, Journal Officiel de la République Algérienne number 42) includes the so-called DAPS (by its acronyms in french), or right Provisional Additional safeguards is ad valorem tariffs between 30 and 200%. The change will be paid will be publishing the products affected by DAPS with its corresponding tariff. Until then the derogations are still in force. According to the minister of commerce the launch of the DAPS is scheduled for early october 2018, its progressive implementation, product to product. It is not yet clear if the type applicable to each product will be unique or will depend on their origin, that is, of trade agreements, the Association agreement with the eu especialmenmte relevant in this connection. The ministry of commerce maintains encounters with business organizations who have made proposals on the rates applicable to each product/sector. It is hoped that the finished products have already higher that the intention of the measure is to protect national production and diversify their industry. Not yet known the type applicable to many products for which no domestic production or for those whose import was not suspended. The DAPS and will be in force for a period that the government negotiates with its trading partners, particularly with the eu.